SAPAC is a National Winner – MEED

Jeddah Storm Water Drainage Program (JSDP)

The JSDP Project is an award-winning major infrastructure project completed by SAPAC in 2013; responding to the King's directive that major flood protection works would be in-place in time to protect Jeddah from the potential of major floods by the flood season of 2012, SAPAC responded to the challenge.
With a contract duration of only 10 months, SAPAC completed construction of 21 kilometers of reinforced concrete flood control channel through the City of Jeddah. Construction also included the demolition of 14 existing bridges, reconstruction of 13 new bridges, and the relocation of over 25 km of electrical wiring and telecommunications cables.
JSDP, a special purpose organization, organized and run by seasoned Aramco project management staff, planned and organized the overall program. As a result, The Jeddah Storm Drainage Program was constructed to the exacting quality and safety standards for which Aramco is famous. SAPAC worked as a full partner with the client, consultants, and interfacing contractors to ensure a high quality product was delivered to the citizens of Jeddah.
Major challenges to complete the project included:
  • Completion of over 2.6 million cubic meters of excavation, and shaping of new channel in 5 months
  • Mobilizing construction organization that peaked at over 3,600 staff at the midpoint of construction
  • Procuring, and placement of 175,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete -- placement peaked at over 3,000 cubic meters placed per day
  • Designing, constructing and maintaining a bypass pipeline to keep existing drainage flow out of the active construction areas -- this required a 14 km, 500 mm pipeline system to be running 24 hours/day, 7 days a week
  • Mobilizing and managing more than 1,500 pieces of large construction equipment for the duration of the project
  • Maintaining the high standards of Quality and Safety required by both SAPAC internal standards, and client requirements throughout a very short construction timeline
This project deserves to be a National Winner.